Was: Image tags > Allow HTML only from trusted sender

2002-04-03 00:13:23
I agree with the argument  of Jym Dyer [mailto:jym(_at_)econet(_dot_)org]
I would only advise doing that, though, if you are confident of
the integrity of the HTML.
I see the risk in _allownoncidurls_ in bandwitdh/unwanted contend
and a step further, every Html message is a potential virus risk in a open
discussion list.
My suggestion is a filter argument AllowHtmlList
where Html messages are  only accepted if they come from a addresses
of a list of trusted sender.

A trusted sender could be:
- articles from trusted co-authors as input to a discussion-list
- a aplication on my server creating a Html message where only images
from my server could be integrated, e.g. a postcard.

Mhonarc can strip off the sender address, limiting the risk of
unwanted messages.

The goal is to give the co-authors the features of Html/images for
their inputs to the lists.
In other words, its not a one to one "symetrical" disussion list,
its a "asymetrical" list, stimulated by the inputs of the co-authors.

I am interested in comments to such a list-model.
Thanks, Wilhelm

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