.mhonarc.db deleted

2002-05-07 05:06:37
I found a old message how a ' in the Subject line
might corrupt the database.
We (collectively, not royally :-) ) had this problem on our system 
some time back.  Turns out there was a message with a ' in the
Subject line, and when MHonArc stored that ' in its dbfile it 
mistakenly read it as a string terminator for the value in the
hashtable.  As I recall, the solution was to edit the mail file
and escape the offending apostrophe before rebuilding the archive.

Does that risk still exist?
And do I have to add ISO-8859-15 into CHARSETCONVERTERS
to avoid such ' in subject lines?
Will a upgrade to 2.5.4 reduce that?
* Added ISO-8859-15 to default value of CHARSETCONVERTERS.

Thanks a lot, Wilhelm

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