mharc Release: 0.2.0

2002-05-23 00:30:04

  mharc is the web-based mail archiving system that uses Procmail,
  MHonArc and Namazu.

2002/05/22: v0.2.0

* web-archive: Added -mharcdir option to specify location of list
  specific resource files.  If the file <-mharcdir>/<list-name>.mrc
  exists, it will be passed into mhonarc, after common.mrc.

* web-archive: Added support for additional mhonarc options to be
  specified in lists.def by defining the MHonArc-Options field.

* web-archive: If the No-Search lists.def field is set to 1 for
  a list, then searching will be disabled for the archive: no search
  index will be created and the $SEARCH-FORM$ custom resource variable
  will be set to the empty string.

* web-archive: Changed some of the default pathname values of some
  options.  In sum, default pathnames that include "../archive/.."
  had the "archive/" component removed.

* web-archive: The following resource variables set have different

    $MNAV-CGI$  => $PNAV-CGI$

  The old names are still set for backwards compatibility.

* web-archive: The "[Raw]" link on the top index page of a list
  archive is now "[mbox]".  Also, it will show the size of the mbox
  in bytes and if the mbox is gzipped.

* lib/

  . Removed options in MIMEARGS that could cause security problems.
    Users can add options that fit their level of comfort.

  . Added definition of $PREV-PERIOD-LABEL$ and $NEXT-PERIOD-LABEL$
    which are defined as "Prev&nbsp;Period" and "Next&nbsp;Period",

    These variables are used for the next/prev period links on the
    index pages.  Note, these values are a change from the
    "Prev&nbsp;Month" and "Next&nbsp;Month".

  . The next/prev resource variables for the next/prev period links
    have different names:


* read-mail:  Added explicit "exit 0" at end of script.  This is
  to avoid a bogus non-zero exit status of filter-spool finds nothing
  to do.

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