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2002-05-30 14:30:10
On May 30, 2002 at 09:42, Sean M Alderman wrote:

I realize this is a new package and it's as is, but I got an interesting
error trying to configure mharc on a Sun Netra running Solaris 8...

[smalder(_at_)aragorn:mharc-0.2.1]$ make configure
bin/apply-config -verbose
/bin/cp bin/../cgi-bin/template/
cp: cannot access bin/../cgi-bin/template/
system /bin/cp bin/../cgi-bin/template/
bin/../cgi-bin/template/ failed: 512
make: *** [configure] Error 2

It seemed strange to me that the file paths would have
<dir>/../<anotherdir> in them.  Is this supposed to be this way?

Yes.  It is a valid pathname.  The software is designed to work
relative to itself.

What version of perl are you using?  I had another user experience
the same problem (but under BSD), and once he upgraded Perl, it
was fixed.

The real problem is you need a newer version of the File::Find
module that supports the -no_chdir option.  v5.6.1 of Perl, and later,
is known to have a version of File::Find that supports the option.

I may be able to modify mharc to work-around this problem so it
would work with older versions, but have not looked into it yet.


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