Re: Put a "reply-to" button in messages

2002-06-06 16:30:04
On June 6, 2002 at 11:04, Phil Macias wrote:

Some users here wanted to "Reply to" archived mail messages. Below is
my solution. This puts a "Reply to this message" button on every
message. Note that the script attempts to preserve threading by
reading the "In-reply-to" and "references" headers.

The script can probably be improved, but works well for us.

The script has alot of shell calls that are probably not needed.
Most of header information can be obtained from the various resource
variables.  If you need to parse the special header comment declarations
in MHonArc message pages, you may want to look at


P.S.  FYI, your mail software creates incorrectly formatted message-ids:

  <5734-Thu06Jun2002110415-0400-Phil Macias 

The "<>"s are considered specials and cannot be part of message-id,
at least from my reading of RFC 822.  Also, if there are spaces, they
should be in " "s.  Spaces should be avoided, regardless, since it
may not be supported by some mail software even though it is allowed
by RFC 822.