Re: mharc - sh: scan: not found

2002-06-17 19:30:05
On June 17, 2002 at 14:03, Don wrote:

I get the error "sh: scan: not found" when I run the command
mh-month-pack -debug -n /var/mail/beta

I'm running MHonArc 2.52 and trying to install / test mharc-0.2.2.

I note that bin/mh-month-pack says "This program requires that the
following MH/nmh commands are in your search path: anno(1),
folder(1), scan(1), packf(1).

I can't find a file called "scan" on my system.  Do I need to
upgrade to MHonArc 2.55 to get "scan" ?

mh-month-pack is for use with MH/nmh stored mail.  Run,

  mh-month-pack -man

for more information.

Based on the command you provided, it appears that your input is
a mail spool file and not a MH/nmh mail folder.  If this is the case,
you do not need to use mh-month-pack and can use mharc in its default


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