Re: SSMARKUP and server-side code in PHP

2002-06-26 03:30:04

Earl Hood wrote:

On June 24, 2002 at 17:21, "Wang, Mary Y" wrote:

I have read the SSMarkup resource file.  I would like add code to check if
the user is logged in PHP.  Will that work?  I saw an example with VBSCRIPT.
Would PHP code work with the SSMarkup?

Try it out and find out.  MHonArc puts no restrictions on how you
define SSMARKUP, so it really depends on what process processes
the page (which is probably Apache via mod_php).

it works perfectly fine with SSMARKUP and PHP authentication - i've been doing that for a year or so by now:
<?php call_to_login_function(); ?>

(call_to_login_function() is defined in an auto-prepended PHP file.)

Note, you will probably need to tell MHonArc to use a different
filename extension for the files it generates for the files to
processed as PHP (see HTMLEXT and related resources).

... or you can tell Apache to let PHP parse all .html files as well, which is probably more accurate in this case since you seem to use PHP for user authentication.

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