MHonArc Release: 2.5.8

2002-06-28 23:30:09
2002/06/28      (2.5.8)

* Added MIMEALTPREFS resource: Content-type preferences for
  multipart/alternative data.  You can now tell MHonArc to use the
  text/plain part over a text/html part in multipart/alternative

* Added the following resources:

    IDXPGSSMARKUP   Markup at the beginning of all index pages.
    MSGPGSSMARKUP   Markup at the beginning of all message pages.
    TIDXPGSSMARKUP  Markup at the beginning of all thread index pages.

  Each resource will default to the value of the SSMARKUP resource
  if not defined.

* Removed <DBFILE> resource element since it useless since an archive
  database is read before any resource files are parsed.  The proper
  way to specify an alternative DBFILE is via the -dbfile command-line
  option or the M2H_DBFILE envariable.

* Release notes updated about upgrading from v2.1.x, or earlier archive.
  Running a later version is safe, but all MIME-related resources will
  be reset to default values.  For v2.5.8, and later, the MIMEARGS
  setting will preserved.

* Removed references to HEADER and FOOTER resources in the docs.
  Resources removed in v2.5.0.

* Updated default resource layout settings in docs to use lowercase
  tag names since MHonArc changed to use lowercase in defaults
  in v2.4.7.

* FAQ updates:
    . Mention MIMEALTPREFS.
    . Added MIMEARGS examples in MIME section.


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