Re: Masking email addresses in message text?

2002-07-03 02:09:18
On July 2, 2002 at 13:17, "David Gibbs" wrote:

Does anyone know of a way to mask email addresses that appear inside the
text of a message that is being archived?

MHonArc currently does not support this ability.

There are few approaches to get what you want:

1.  Create a customized version of the applicable MIMEFILTERS to
    obscure the addresses.

2.  Register a callback function via the API to obscure addresses
    of filtered bodies.  The $mhonarc::CBMessageBodyRead is your
    best bet,

3.  Wait until the feature is added to MHonArc :-)

Solution (2) is the closest method to what would be done if the feature
is added into MHonArc.  The reason is that it is better to obscure
addresses after the MIMEFILTERS have been called so the entire HTML
version of the message body will be processed instead of trying to
do it in the various filter routines.


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