Porting existing archives into Mharc...

2002-07-03 09:23:54
  Has anyone tried to port existing mhonarc archives into mharc?  I
maintain about 20 archives which are being built with mhonarc
2.4.something, and I'm moving them to a new server.  In the process I
thought I'd try and use mharc to process the lists instead of the
current configuration which uses mhonarc commands from the
/etc/mail/aliases file (I know that's not the best way of handling it). 
I've attached a sample mhrc file from one our archives if that will
help.  All of the archives use basically the same resource file.

Sean M. Alderman
ITRACK Systems Analyst
PACE/NCI - NASA Glenn Research Center
(216) 433-2795

Calling a windowed operating system "Windows" is like naming an
automobile "Wheels."

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