Re: Segmentation fault(coredump)

2002-07-03 13:57:02
On July 3, 2002 at 13:08, Ruben Gaspar wrote:

I cat the "mailfolder" in single mails and I did:

mhonarc -single -rcfile /sth/uala_frames.mrc < msg0001 > msg0001.html 

And I could process all the messages but one. Now I don't know what to do to 
avoid it apart from erasing it. I am running on Solaris 5.6, perl version 5.0
05_04 and mhonarc v2.4.5

Upgrade MHonArc.  There is a known problem with the Perl regex engine
crashing on the comment stripping code in the filter.
Newer versions contain a work-around to avoid this problem.


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