Re: RC files

2002-08-01 13:36:26
On August 1, 2002 at 09:32, Liston Bias wrote:

Does anyone have a shareable version of the rc template used to create the
listing at:

I particular like how it mentioned previous/next for listing and messages
in date index are group by day.

The archives at are managed by MHArc, a package that
is currently being developed as part of the MHonArc project.
Distributions are located at

As for the resource file used, you can see it at
<>.  This is basically
the default resource provided in MHArc.

The monthly archive organization is outside of the scope of MHonArc.
MHArc is what manages that piece of the archives.

I have gotten close on the group by date indexing, but haven't been able
to figure out to have two msglocaldatefmt definitions in same template.
So, I have the August 31, 2002 listed as msggmtdatefmt and the messages
listing hour:min with localdate.  This works pretty close, but obviously
get things a little off.

You can specify a time format string at the resource variable level
to provide alternate formats.  For example:


will expand to the current message date interpreted in the local
timezone displaying just the hour and minutes.


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