Re: How to do a Reply-To-All link?

2002-08-08 22:03:18
On August 9, 2002 at 00:37, Alan Burlison wrote:

I've scanned the archives and found out several ways of adding a "Reply-To"
link on a message page, but how do you do a "Reply-To-All" link?  I can see
there are resources for the sender ($FROM$ and friends), and the recipient
($TOADDRNAME$), but there does not seem to be one for the CC list.  Am I
missing something?

Nope.  And the $TOADDRNAME$ is a special case variable that only
applies to MAILTOURL.  I.e.  MHonArc does not store the the To:
field data.

To get what you want, you would have to do some programming.  You
could utilize MHonArc's callback API to implement your "Reply-To-All"
feature.  Look at the mha-preview example in the examples/ directory
as a possible template you could follow.


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