Re: <CharsetConverters> for HTML?

2002-08-24 13:05:22
 Earl Hood wrote:

On August 22, 2002 at 12:08, Mooffie wrote:

Charset conversion is not being done to HTML messages.

m2h_text_plain::filter() does call a charset conversion function, if applicable, but m2h_text_html::filter() does not.

My Questions:

1. Why is that?

CHARSETCONVERTERS is designed to work on raw text data that is
to be converted to HTML, not the other way around.

. . .

A possible fast solution to converting the HTML itself is to use
the Unicode::MapUTF8 module directly.

Earl, thank you very much for the explanation. It's not the first time you help me and I appreciate the time you take to write detailed answers.

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