Re: newbie question/problem message list "from" problem

2002-09-08 22:57:22
On September 7, 2002 at 22:28, "Rick Boatright" wrote:

However, the email list server that I am archiving lists the FROM 
address as the listmanager.  The actual author is listed on a

From: authorname

as the first line of the BODY of the message.   

Why does the email list server do this?  It should not mess with
the From: field.  If you have control over the list server, I would
see about fixing this.

I have attached a sample message and headers below for you to 
see.  I _think_ I need some code to walk through the message 
archive and add an  X-AUTHOR: authorname in the headers, and 
then add X-AUTHOR as a possible FROM address in the standard 
resource file.  But I am _not_ enough of a perl programmer to do 

Or, alternatively, I need a way to convince Mhonarc that the first line 
of the body of the message _IS_ the from address.   

Can anyone help me? 

Either approach is doable.

Since a solution requires some scripting, it may be hard to get someone
to provide time and effort at no cost unless that someone can benefit
from the solution also.


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