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2002-09-11 15:44:47
On September 11, 2002 at 14:24, "Blaustein, Randy" wrote:

I am trying to modify the output from Mhonarc and am having some trouble.

Everything you want can be done via MHonArc resources.  For stuff that
affects what shows up on pages, checkout the Page Layout section
of the docs.

Since it can be hard at times to find information in the docs, I'll
give you some pointers below:

This is what I am trying to do:

1)  Remove the "From" line for each message on the Mail Index page

Use the LITEMPLATE resource.  For example:


2)  Remove the navigational header from the message page

Use the TOPLINKS resource.  For example:



Note, the blank line.  It is needed if you want to remove the nav buttons
at the top of message pages.

3) Change the default font used on the page

This is best done via a stylesheet.  You can use the IDXPGBEGIN,
TIDXPGBEGIN, and MSGPGBEGIN resources to include a <link> tag that
references your stylesheet.

4) Change the message header so that only the date field shows

The quick way to do this:


I know this is asking a lot but any help is appreciated.

It is not asking a lot.  The information is in the docs, but sometimes
one needs some help to know where to look.

Hope this helps,


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