Re: List Name Resource Variable?

2002-09-25 21:38:43
On September 25, 2002 at 18:41, "Wang, Mary Y" wrote:

I am still confused.  I tried the resource file way to define a custom
variable. I have one common resource file for all lists.  If I have
$LIST-NAME1$, $LIST-NAME2$ and etc.  How do I test what which list it is
processing right now, so that the resource file will only pick $LIST-NAME1
instead of $LIST-NAME2.  I just want to have one general resource file for
all lists archives.  

Using a resource file to define these variables will not work.  You
need to define the variable on the command-line and only reference it
in your resource file.  For example:

  mhonarc -definevar 'LIST-NAME=mylist' -rcfile myrc.mrc mylist.mbx

In myrc.mrc, you use $LIST-NAME$.

You will need to give a different -definevar setting for each
list input you are archiving. For example, if I have list called
"anotherlist", I would invoke mhonarc as follows:

  mhonarc -definevar 'LIST-NAME=anotherlist' -rcfile myrc.mrc anotherlist.mbx

If you are still confused, better help may be offered if you provide
exactly how you call mhonarc for the various lists you archive.


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