Re: dropping messages?

2002-10-01 11:35:59
On September 30, 2002 at 22:09, Chad Kouse wrote:

hi guys.. I have a script that runs every 2 minutes and it checks a pop3
mailbox for new mail, and downloads it to my server.  From there it
parses the email using mhonarc and then insert it into a mysql
database.  However, I've noticed that sometimes messages will cause
mhonarc to get "stuck".  When this happens (fairly infrequently) I have
to open up the mailbox with a pop client and clear the email that's
blocking it.  is there a way to automate this so that if the email is
messed up it would just tell the server to delete it ?

What version of mhonarc are you using?

Can you provide me with a copy of one of the offending messages?
mhonarc should not get "stuck", so I want to see if a bug may be



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