using mhonarc to archive mailinglist

2002-10-08 01:18:53
Dear people,

Maybe stupid, maybe not (I think the first) .. I've retrieved all my
yahoo-groups archive mail and saved it to a MBOX file. 

41.000 messages, 70Mb

Now: using Mhonarc to put it in a nice archive way. 

My index files get TOO big (5 to 7Mb for index.html/thread.html/date.html is
too much)

So searching in archives from mhonarc I find several rc files but none of
the scripts do provide me a way for archiving the stuff in a way which can
be suitable for everyone.

Some questions:

The wish:

- Indexfiles which makes it possible to 'search/select' at
Year, Month, Week, (messages from 1999 to 2002 in the archive) are selected
With the note that it should be not too big .. 
- Search function (I've to find this out what's needed, that's reading the

Right now I had some 'crashes'@ my linux box. Now when using the mhonarc
commandline it's trying to lock the stuff but it fails, using -nolock solves
it but how to fix this again?

What kind of rc file can I use: the common.mrc used right now gives me a
nice index.html
however: it's too big .. 

2nd: how to test the stuff causing mhonarc not working for 3 - 4 hours??
Cause everytime it reads the mbox file (70Mb, and outputting 41.000 messages
.. )

Thanks for your help and cooperation.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Dennis Slagers
Service & Support Manager
Communication products

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