Problems with $DATE$

2002-10-23 03:03:20

I'm having trouble generating a good main index page for my
mailing lists. Whenever I generate such a page, and use the
$DATE$ resource variable to display the dates for messages, it
seems as if $DATE$ is picking the date from the "From ..."
separator line, and not the Date: header, in conflict with the
"Why doesn't MHonArc extract the date from "From ..." line?"
question in the FAQ.

I'm currently in the process of setting up the web archive, and
have a lot of old messages I'd like to include in the archive. I
use the following command:
        formail -s procmail < ~/Mail/mailinglist
to try and generate the archive. My .procmailrc has a recipe that
creates directories and runs
        | mhonarc -rcfile ... -outdir ... -add
for each mail that fits. And up to this point, everything works

The troubles seem to occur in <LITEMPLATE> in the resource file.
I have (quite desperately, to try and figure out what is going
on) tried every date related resource variable ($DATE$,
$MSGLOCALDATE$) but they all either generate the current
date/time, or the date/time in the "From ..." line, with slight
variations depending on GMT/localtime.

Since I pop my mail, and thus receive several mails at a time,
having many of them indexed with largely identical dates,
differing at most a few seconds, is not desirable. Especially
since on Mondays, I pop all weekend's worth of mail and thus can
get over a hundred mails with almost identical date/time.

What resource variable should I use in my <LITEMPLATE> to get the
dates I want? The description of $DATE$ on describes what I
want, but not what I get. I'm using MHonArc 2.5.12 with Perl
5.008 on a Debian machine.


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