Re: Attachments saved as .bin files

2002-10-29 14:55:16
I am using Mhonarc 2.5.13 on a Win2K platform and we often get
emails with .doc and .xls files attached.  Mhonarc generates the
html for the messages with the appropriate link name but the
attachment is being created as a .bin file.  What am I missing?

I just went through this a little while ago. Start here:

From there go to the documentation covering resource files and MIMEArgs and
MIMEFilters in particular.

Check the mail file and see what the attachment is identified as. My bet is
that it's application/octet-stream (it seems a lot of mailers do that with
binary content; they don't bother to look up the correct MIME type for the
data but rather just ship everything out with that catch-all heading and
let the receiver sort it out). If that's the case, you'll need to use a
custom resource file, with the "usename" option specified. Be careful when
you do so, as that leaves you open to some potential exploits, as then
MHonArc will replace any file in the area with the same name as the
incoming file.

The files are complete, and are perfectly usable as-is. Download one and
use Word or Excel to open it and you'll see what I mean. It's just the file
name that gets changed, and that's just because the sending mail client
didn't identify the attachment as a Word doc, but rather just as a string
of bytes.

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