Re: Request for more options in resurce file

2002-11-22 18:28:39
--- Birger Mortensen <birger(_at_)sf(_dot_)dk> wrote:
Then i call MhonArc with mhonarc -savemem -umask 022 -quiet -rcfile
pressemeddelelser.rc -add -outdir

-umask has a resource element equivalent.  It seems -savemem should
have a resource element equivalent, but it does not.  I think the
reasoniing was that it was to be a one-shot setting.

But for all my lists i have to create a new file that runs MHonArc.
If it was possibel to set outdir and mailbox in the resurce file ( at least
at toplevel ) it would be just a bit more easy to create new lists.

An OUTDIR element is a chicken-n-egg problem.  An archive's database is
read first before any resource files are parsed, hence, your OUTDIR needs
to be specified via the environment or the command-line.

Now, specifying the input mail folders in the resource file is an interesting
idea.  I have to see if there are any potential drawbacks, but it would
be cool to do:

  mhonarc -add -outdir /path/to/archive

And new mail is "magically" added since the input paths are stored in
the archive.

But if i delete ALL files in outdir ( were mhonarc.db is ) to rebuild after
design changes - then the removed messages gets back.

You need to delete the original raw mail also to make sure the messages
do not reappear.

Is there a way to get the messageID from mhonarc.db ?

Yes, but requires some cleverness.

You can see what the message-id for a message page is by
viewing the raw HTML.  At the top of each message page is special
comment declarations, and one of them includes the message-id.
I generally include the message-id header field in the converted header
so it is easy to see what the message-id is without having to view
the raw HTML.

Or a way ( in a file ) to tell mhonarc the messagesID's that needed to be

Use the shell:

  mhonarc -rmm `cat ids-to-delete-file`

Make note of the backquotes.  The ids-to-delete-file would contain
a message-id on each line.

In theory, you could have a global "banned IDs file" and use the callback
API to mhonarc to always skip messages that are in the file, even on
an archive rebuild.

BTW i never got the mhonarc -rmm <messageid> to work - that is it works the
most of the time , but not if the messageid was like this one
<001901c2748f$021410d0$0e00a8c0(_at_)jane> i think that it is the shell ( the 
char in the messageID ).

Use single-quotes around the ID:

  mhonarc -rmm '<001901c2748f$021410d0$0e00a8c0(_at_)jane>'

The single quotes tells the shell to not expand any special characters
in the string.


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