Re: Need help with Segmentation fault

2002-12-14 15:49:02
On December 14, 2002 at 02:01, Pete Walker wrote:

I'm having a problem with mhonarc processing a large mail article.
The article is numbered 45 and is 822k in size with *no*
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; format=flowed

It probably has to do with the format=flowed processing.  I discovered
this problem while working with the development version of mhonarc.
However, I did not know if it was due to changes I was making or if
it was a problem that already existed.

The format=flowed code appears to cause perl to go into an infinite loop
with the regex patterns used to process format=flowed data.  I was
able to crash v5.6.1 and v5.8.0 of perl under linux.

An alternative algorithm for handling format=flowed was checked into
CVS awhile , but due to other changes, the will
only work with the latest code.  I.e. You cannot just drop in the
latest CVS version into 2.5.13.

Solutions to the immediate problem:

  * Use the latest snapshot build of MHonArc available at
    <>.  A nightly snapshot
    release is made of the latest CVS code.  The page states that
    snapshots can be unstable, but I do run dev versions for my
    private archives, and make corrections as needed.

  * Manually edit and comment-out, or remove, the
    code that handles format=flowed so regular text/plain processing
    is done.

Either way, if you could test the snapshot against your large message,
I'd appreciate it since I would like to know if the changes I made
will solve your crash problem.

BTW, feel free to submit a formal bug report at
<> if you
want to make the problem more "official."


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