Re: MIME text/plain attach with Shift_JIS (CP932)

2002-12-16 23:30:14

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On December 16, 2002 at 23:07, Shinichiro HIDA wrote:

Now, I try to test MHonArc2002-12-16-snap.

Sometime, I would like to send the mail with some attachement in
the plain-text-file wrote with Shift_JIS for MS Windoze users.

MHonArc, including the snapshot builds, do not have support
for Shift_JIS (CP932).

I'm working on some more related encoding stuff with MHonArc right
now, so I'll try to add in the conversion table for CP932 for
MHonArc::CharEnt.  You may want to follow mhonarc-dev to see when
CP932 support gets checked into CVS.

I'll try later. 

Problem: unintelligible sequence of characters.
         plain/text file could not be attachement (only inline..).

MHonArc did not generate this error message.  No where in the
mhonarc code does this kind of error message exist.

(-; Sorryy. It's not error messages, I just want to explain the

By the way, text/plain attachments are not pre-processed, so if
the "attachcheck" MIMEARG option is set for m2h_text_plain::filter,
text/plain attachments will be saved as-is.

Thank you for your advice.

I edit my mlname.mrc file as follow;

text/plain; attachcheck,default=iso-2022-jp

Then now, MHonArc2002-12-16-snap made attachment txt0000x.txt as-is.
That is the way I want to do.

== Summary ==

Q: How could I tell to MHonArc convert the MIME "text/plain;
   charset=???" part as attachment (not inline)?

A: If that mail has the correct MIME header including
   "Content-Disposition: attachment;" field, you could write in your
   rc file as;

   text/plain; attachcheck

If you have a mail that has these MIME headers as follow;
|  --Multipart_Thu_Sep_26_00:34:00_2002-1
|  Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-2022-JP
|  here is inline part
|  --Multipart_Thu_Sep_26_00:34:00_2002-1
|  Content-Type: text/plain; charset=SHIFT_JIS
|  Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="meeting-20020925-4-ref.txt"
|  Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
|  here is attachment part
|  [...]

MHonArc convert the MIME part that the type is "Content-Type:
text/plain;" to inline for message-view-html as default. But you could
add "text/plain; attachcheck" into <MIMEARGS> directive, MHonArc will
be check the "Content-Disposition:" MIME-header in "Content-Type:
text/plain;" part also.

If the "Content-Type: text/plain;" part has "Content-Disposition:
inline;" header, MHonArc convert to the inline.

== end summary ==

However, this may change with the development version where I am
trying to hook in text entity encoding support.

Thank you.


This feature will have limitations depending on the version of Perl you
are using.  For Perl v5.8, I'm trying to leverage the Encode module.
For v5.6.x, the Unicode::MapUTF8 module (but I have noticed that it
does not support some charsets).  For other versions, I am trying to
code-up routines to allow for conversion to UTF-8.

It is hard-way for me yet. (-;

P.S. Dicussions about snapshot builds should probably be directed
to mhonarc-dev.  Thanks.

Ok, I subscribed yesterday (in JST).
;; But I think my question is not for -dev. ((-;


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