[Q] assume charset in raw 8bit headers

2003-01-11 04:02:55

I have a question on CharsetConverters.  I am planning to
use UTF-8 filter like following.

<CharsetConverters override>
plain;          mhonarc::htmlize;
us-ascii;       mhonarc::htmlize;
default;        MHonArc::UTF8::str2sgml;     MHonArc/

However, I sometimes receive illegal mails which have raw 8bit
characters in headers (like Subject: and From:).  I heard that
Russian people sometimes use mail softwares which generate such
illegal headers.

This, I'd like to assume that raw 8bit characters are all KOI8-R
and convert these 8bit characters into either
 - SGML entity expressions,
 - &#xxx; expressions where xxx mean decimal Unicode codepoints, or
 - UTF-8 characters.
How can I configure MHonArc to achieve this?

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota(_at_)debian(_dot_)or(_dot_)jp>

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