Japanese characters in attachments?

2003-01-30 01:45:19

I'm having trouble with MHonArc in a Japanese mailinglist. I've been
looking at the documentation, and even downloaded the latest snapshot,
but couldn't find a solution. This is the problem:

Our company is using email to distribute files to employers and some
customers, using a Mailman-based mailinglist. The emails sent to the
list must be archived for web access, with their attachments. Many of
the attachments have Japanese filenames. With the latest snapshot, I
managed to display the Japanese messages correctly in UTF-8 (using the
resource file at, but the
filenames in the attachments are not converted to Unicode, and are
displayed as garbage in the web archive.

Is there any way to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,

Javi Lavandeira (javi(_at_)isr(_dot_)co(_dot_)jp)
International Systems Research

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