Re: Get Full Email Headers

2003-02-07 01:08:07
On February 6, 2003 at 14:14, "Roger Oliver" wrote:

<Exc override>
and it came out still like this

"Exc" should be "Excs".  A typo on my part.

Okay got that part to work! thanks...however I don't want to see this I want
only one received line so that I may instert into my database. So all this
just I still want but I only wany one "Received:" any ideas?

Take the first one since it is the last Received line added by the
last MTA that delivered the message.

BTW, it may be more efficient to utilize the callback API within
MHonArc to extract the header information you need.  It should be
more efficient and avoids the need to parse HTML.


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