Trailing \ in regex

2003-03-30 11:15:05
Hello, I've just setup MHonArc 2.6.2 (running on Perl 5.8 and Win32) and have 
successfully archived several different sets of messages. However, now I'm 
trying to index a very large set of messages (>13000 messages) and am 
repeatedly hitting errors like this while reading the messages from the dir:

Trailing \ in regex m/^.*\/ at C:\Perl\site\lib/ line 243, <GEN0> 
line 33.

The "GEN#" and following line # appear to be different for each failing message 
I hit, but the rest of the error message is identical. I've isolated the 
failure down to a single message 3 or 4 times now, but after taking the 
specific message out of the directory, the next run just proceeds to hit 
ANOTHER failing message!

Commandline I'm running with is: -add -outdir OUT -mhpattern "^[^\.]" IN

Any help appreciated!
Evan Dodds

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