Re: mharc cron

2003-06-26 04:39:07
You can try to find the reason for the failur if you run it
from the command line - may be it is a question of permissions ownership and 

I use the same command to add each month the posts from another list
to a joint archive - I just add the path for the posts to be added:
holland:~$/usr/bin/mhonarc -umask 022 -rcfile /path-to-rc-files/list-x.rc -add 
/path to file of mails -outdir /path-to-archives/list-x
I just do it in one long line....

In our aliases file of postfix we have other pipes like this
for doing other processing of posts, or just for activation
other processes.

(just beware of problems if you do variations - Even one wrong blanck space
or brocken line can cause feilur...)

misha(_at_)wolfstar(_dot_)ca wrote:
Ilan Shalif said:

I our Linux system we use the postfix as the mail delivery

A copy of each post distributed to the lists is piped into

Probably procmail and other mail distribution of posts can do
the same.

list-x: "|/usr/bin/mhonarc -umask 022 -rcfile
/path-to-rc-files/list-x.rc -add -outdir /path-to-archives/list-x"

    Interesting.  I could never make this work.  Postfix as well, here.

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