cron job not working properly

2003-07-30 08:15:15
I've only recently installed majordomo and MHonarc
I've created a cron job for mhonarc to check for new messages and do the necessary. The cron job does run and the message reports that everything is done, but it isn't. It's not adding new messages to. I tried to change the page titles in the script but again
when you go to the page it is still the old title.

the script is as follows:
/usr/bin/mhonarc -title "Simple Mail List" -ttitle "Simple Thread List" -sort /home/simple/cool/cgi-bin/lists/member-list.archive/member.*

And this is the cron report:

This is MHonArc v2.6.4, Perl 5.008 linux
Converting messages to .
Reading /home/simple/cool/cgi-bin/lists/member-list.archive/member.20030718 .

Writing mail .
Writing ./maillist.html ...
Writing ./threads.html ...
Writing database ...
2 new messages
2 total messages

but only the original first message shows up.
If i run the same command manually from the command line everything works 100%
Any ideas.


Steve Mansfield

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