Re: HELP!!! MHonARC is screwing up (again)! - BUG #4622

2003-08-07 13:43:36
At 13:00 -0500 2003-08-06, Earl Hood wrote:
According to the .mhonarc.db file you provides, the MSGPGS resource,
<>, is
getting disabled:


This is the reason message pages are not getting written.  And with
MSGPGS disabled, message numbers are basically meaningless.

Re-examine your resource file settings, command-line options, and
environment variables (mhonarc supports numerous environment variables,
and the MSGPGS resource can be set by one).

When I run mhonarc by hand (after fixing the database) it works. AND I run it
by hand using the identical command that is in my .procmailrc file, against
the same resource file, with the same outdir.

The ONLY thing I have changed is to remove
from the resource file and put
back into the command line.

MHonARC is currently ticking along happily.

Is there a log somewhere that would tell me what was wrong?

with MSGPGS disabled, message numbers are basically meaningless.

That's a bug.
Having MSGPGS disabled should not be permitted when adding messages. That's
also a bug.
Continuing to create database entries for messages when .html files are not
created is a bug.
using the same file name foe subsequent messages in the data base is a bug.

4 bugs. Not to mention the bug that is causing MSGPGS to become disabled in
the first place.
- Vicki

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