Re: HTML encoding of meta tags

2003-08-18 14:22:44
On August 18, 2003 at 22:16, Malcolm Miles wrote:

I wish to include the various header fields such as subject, from and
date into a META tag in the page header. This will allow them to be
more easily found by my search engine. However MHonArc always HTML
encodes the strings even if they are in the header and will never be
be displayed. The HTML encoding makes exact search matches impossible

"Dogs & Cats" does not match "Dogs & Cats"

Escaping special characters are always done, even if a browser
would never display the data.  This is standard behavior of all
apps that generate HTML.  Plus, with the nature of data mhonarc
processes, not escaping creates security vulnerabilities.

I do not know what search engine you are refering to, but any
sane one will always decode any entity references when indexing.


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