Usability questions.

2003-09-09 19:02:03


I have a few usability questions:

- How can  I get  MHonArc to  assign IDs to  the messages  by the
  date?   (That is,  such that  msgXXXXX.html always  goes before
  msgYYYYY.html if  XXXXX <  YYYYY).  It  seems that  the current
  order is arbitrary (I'm building the archive from a maildir, in
  case that's relevant).

- How can  I get MHonArc to  build maillist.year.month.html files
  for all  years and months  for which  there are messages  in my
  archive?  I could  use Mairix to split my  maildir in different
  maildirs for  each yearh/month  I'm interested  on but  I'm not
  brain  dead enough  to break  the navigation  by threads  (if a
  thread spans  more than one  month, spliting the  maildir would
  cause messages  in one month  not to reference messages  in the
  others).  I built a script for this purpose [1]  but I'd rather
  use this functionality directly in MHonArc, if available.


- How can I get MHonArc to display the entire tree for the thread
  that  a message  belongs to  rather  than just  its parent  and
  children?  For what I want, the current interface could improve
  a lot if the entire tree  gets shown on each message (although,
  certainly, the size of the archive would increase).

- How can  I get MHonArc to  build one HTML file  for each thread
  and have it referenced from the  msg files?  Is there any way I
  can get this working with frames somehow?

- How can I  get MHonArc to build a  maillist.last.html file with
  the last  N (say  100) messages  in addition  to all  the other

- How can I get MHonArc to  build more maillist files in addition
  to the current files which are sorted by different criteria?

I couldn't  find any  mention for  any of  these features  in the

I'm considering  creating a  utility to read  the files  built by
MHonArc and output  other files in a  different directory solving
all these usability issues I'm having with MHonArc.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Ps: I had  sent some messages related  to this one but  I haven't
seen  them in  the archives.   I'm  guessing it  is awaiting  for
moderator approval, as I had not subscribed to the list by then.

The mere formulation of a problem is far more essential than its solution.
      -- Albert Einstein.

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