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2003-09-16 08:49:47
Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:
Jeroen FF Heijmans wrote:
I want to strip the signature (from "-- " till the end) from the
messages. How can this be done?

By using custom filters. For instance, to strip things from plain text
messages, this is what you should do:

- Copy to for instance

- Add a regular expression to that does what you want.
Something like:

$$data =~ s/^-- \r?\n[\s\S]*//m;

- Tell MHonArc to use instead of, when
filtering messages, by setting the <MIMEFilters> resource in the
resource file.

More guidance at

Gunnar thanks for your quick response.

I've done it all.
I made a copy of to with the same user:group
and permissions.

I added your line in front of the first $$data tag:
(this one)
# <CR><LF> => <LF> to make parsing easier
$$data =~ s/\r\n/\n/g;

I added next lines as first ones in my blog.mrc (from the site):
application/x-patch;       m2h_text_plain::filter;
message/delivery-status;   m2h_text_plain::filter;
message/partial;           m2h_text_plain::filter;
text/*;                    m2h_text_plain::filter;
text/plain;                m2h_text_plain::filter;
x-sun-attachment;          m2h_text_plain::filter;

But still the signatures stay in de posts.
I'm I doing stuff on the wrong lines ?

I'm not sure what I must do next (next to reading the site)

Jeroen "FF" Heijmans

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