Re: Cutting lines (removing signature)

2003-09-16 11:55:52
Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:
Jeroen FF Heijmans wrote:
I added next lines as first ones in my blog.mrc (from the site):
application/x-patch;       m2h_text_plain::filter;
message/delivery-status;   m2h_text_plain::filter;
message/partial;           m2h_text_plain::filter;
text/*;                    m2h_text_plain::filter;
text/plain;                m2h_text_plain::filter;
x-sun-attachment;          m2h_text_plain::filter;

That was not very wise... By doing so, you tell MHonArc to filter all
those MIME types using the filter designed for plain text messages. To
start with, you'd better just have:

   text/plain; m2h_text_plain::filter;

Then, when you have made it work, you may want to make similar custom
filters for other MIME types as well.

I took that from the given link
( under
"Default Setting" and replaced ''.

But still the signatures stay in de posts.

If you are testing it by adding messages, try including the -rcfile >option:

prompt> mhonarc -add -rcfile ...

That's the way I'm doing it yes.
But maybe it's my linux version. I'm trying it with a testfile and sed,
something like 'cat blah.txt | sed s/^-- \r?\n[\s\S]*//m;' etc.

I'm now going to try to kick my seds ass :)


Jeroen "FF" Heijmans

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