directory separator for attachments on W2K

2003-09-18 09:35:58

I'm running Mhonarc on W2K, and I'm using subdirectories for attachments. 
However, the directory separator for attachments are "\", as opposed to the 
path separator of "/". For example:-

The message body will have a URL of:


and an attachment - say, mydoc.doc - will have a URL of:-


The attachments can still viewed, but it would nice to have consistent 
directory separators.

Thanks, njr.


Here's an example from my '-add' command. Common.mrc has the following include:




and templates/default.mrc calls:





Note, that the directory separator changes from "/" to "\" when making a 
recursive all to a resource file.

mhonarc -rcfile l:/webroot/lists/test/archive/common.mrc -out 
l:/webroot/lists/test/archive/2003-09 -add 
l:/webroot/lists/test/archive/2003-09/mbox.raw -quiet -lockdelay=10 -locktries=3

This is MHonArc v2.6.6, Perl 5.006001 MSWin32

Reading database ...

Reading resource file: l:/webroot/lists/test/archive/common.mrc ...

Reading resource file: 
l:/webroot/lists/test/archive/..\..\templates\default.mrc ...

Adding messages to l:/webroot/lists/test/archive/2003-09

Reading l:/webroot/lists/test/archive/2003-09/mbox.raw ....

Writing mail ....

Writing l:/webroot/lists/test/archive/2003-09\default.html ...

Writing l:/webroot/lists/test/archive/2003-09\thread.html ...

Writing database ...

Reading resource file: l:/webroot/lists/test/archive\../../templates/author.mrc 

Writing l:/webroot/lists/test/archive/2003-09\author.html ...

Reading resource file: 
l:/webroot/lists/test/archive/\../../templates/subject.mrc ...

Writing l:/webroot/lists/test/archive/2003-09\subject.html ...

1 new messages

4 total messages

RC File contains:-

<MIMEArgs override>


m2h_external::filter; inline usename usenameext useicon subdir



mhonarc -v

MHonArc v2.6.6 (Perl 5.006001 MSWin32)

Copyright (C) 1995-2003 Earl Hood, mhonarc(_at_)mhonarc(_dot_)org

MHonArc comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and MHonArc may be copied only

under the terms of the GNU General Public License, which may be found in

the MHonArc distribution.

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