Re: Sort / Refomat Archives ??

2003-11-14 12:32:18
On November 14, 2003 at 06:21, "gac" wrote:

I am at the stage where I want to reformat display and sort the
messages. I have tried the following combinations of commands but the
display in my browser never seems to change:

    /path/mhonarc  -sort -add -outdir /path/archive  /path/inbox
    /path/mhonarc  -sort -reverse -add -outdir /path/archive
    /path/mhonarc  -reverse -add -outdir /path/archive  /path/inbox

Try the -editidx option.  This forces a re-edit of all pages.

Additionally, when I try running the following I get a "segmentation

    /path/mhonarc -rcfile /path/date_mrc

What does date_mrc look like?  My guess is you have an unclosed
resource element.  Mhonarc does not deal with unclosed resource
elements, especially those related to page layout.


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