Re: Error msg: Command not found

2003-11-15 22:54:37
Thanks Gunnar and Earl, it worked once I placed <perl> before it.

Now to the next question ... it converts the mail but places it in my
non-viewable cgi-bin. How do I rectify that and secondly how do I get this
process automated?

Appreciate your assistance once again.


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On November 15, 2003 at 16:38, "Terry Ally" wrote:

I've finally got MHonARc installed (or so I think). According to the
"Quick Start" section of the manual I go to the executable directory
where <mhonarc> is installed and I execute the command:

prompt > mhonarc path/inbox (where I put in the actual details of

I am getting back a message which says: "mhonarc: Command not found".

What am I doing wrong?

I'm guessing you are on a windows box.  If so, you will need to
add the location you installed mhonarc into your search path.
You may also try to invoke mhonarc like:

  prompt> ...

And, as Gunnar pointed out, try:

  prompt> perl mhonarc ...

  (Note: you may need to do "perl ...")

BTW, make sure to use the -outdir option to have the archive
files put in a location you desire.  If not, file will be created
in your current working directory.


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