Thank you for your help

2003-11-16 19:02:37
Dear Gunnar & Earl,

Thank you for your help. I've got the script working and I do like the help 
script also as I find it rather too tedious of having to use telnet to execute 
the commands all the time.

I will spend some time reading the documentation ... 

By way of explanation, the "automation" I referred to means that as 
soon as a new message is received for a particular mail box that it is 
automatically converted rather than me having to periodically convert it.

I will read the documentation to become familar with the product.


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   > Sent: 16 Nov 2003 12:19:04
   >  Terry Ally wrote:
   >  > ... it converts the mail but places it in my non-viewable cgi-bin.
   >  > How do I rectify that
   >  That was pointed out in Earl's reply. It is also explained in the
   >  "Quick Start" document you told us that you have studied.
   >  > and secondly how do I get this process automated?
   >  What do you mean by automated?
   >  You need to spend some time with the documentation and the FAQ in
   >  order to understand what MHonArc can do and to set it up properly.
   >  I wrote a help script for MHonArc:
   >  Even if it's primarily intended for users that don't have shell access
   >  (which you obviously have), it might help you to get started.
   >  --
   >  Gunnar Hjalmarsson
   >  Email:
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