Re: Bug: mailto-Expansion broken

2003-12-10 14:03:37
On December 8, 2003 at 11:19, Ulrich Mayring wrote:

Checkout the "nourl" option to the m2h_text_plain::filter option.

Works great, thank you.

BTW, is there a possibility to filter out all 8-Bit characters in the 
mail header? We've tried to patch MHonArc to delete the 8th bit, but 
apparently not all mails passed through our routine. Do you have any 
suggestions where in the code these changes should be made? If at all 
recommended, that is :)

Looks like there is not a callback API function that easily
allows you to do this.  The location for such a hook would be
in the read_mail_header() routine in  And looking
at it, it appears a hook would need to be done within

Are you talking about raw 8-bit characters or non-ASCII encoded
characters?  If the latter, you can use CHARSETCONVERTERS and/or
TEXTENCODE to deal with it.

If the former, you may better off have a pre-filter before mhonarc
is invoked that strips out 8-bit chars in headers.


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