Re: Maximum disk space for archives?

2003-12-12 04:10:22
On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 08:46, Lasar Liepins wrote:

I would like to set a maximum disk space that archives can use -
similar to MAXSIZE (where old messages are deleted for new ones) but
setting the maximum disk space instead of number of messages. This
does not appear to be an option for the resource file.

Could anybody suggest a way of doing this, apart from hacking the

Unless there are options or tricks I don't
know, there is no way to do this. Maybe
you can approximate the needed disk space
by calculating some average mail size and
using that to see how many mails you can
fit in x MB. Though if you have
attachments frequently, this will not
work. For pure text mails it should work I

Or you could write some insane script that
runs mhonarc, looks how much output was
generated, tweaks the -maxsize option and
runs it again, until the files are using
the desired amount of space.

Or hack mhonarc.

Though I wonder how much work it would be
to include such an option. After all the
script would have to calculate the disk
space for each message, including the
surrounding HTML, attachments and so on.
But I don't know.

Just a few thoughts.


Thanks for your help. More than anything I wanted to check I hadn't
missed anything stupid!

Working out an ad-hoc number that seems to generate the required amount
of space would seem the best option.


Andy Beverley

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