Re: Link to thread-index-page wrong, link to (correct) author index page possible?

2004-02-11 15:23:25
On February 11, 2004 at 20:49, Wolfgang Dautermann wrote:

Some days ago, I discovered, that the teferences to the thread-Indizes 
are sometimes wrong, for example:
The link on the bottom ("Thread") should point to

but points to .../thrd1.html#01569.

This looks like a variation of Bug #372,
<>, but
the cause is the same.  The problem is more common when TREVERSE
is active for MULTIPG, but stale links can happen without TREVERSE.

I believe, that happens, if a posting moves from one to another thread 
index page (if additional postings are added to the archive). Then the 
references in the other postings are not automatically corrected. How 
can I correct that behaviour? By reindexing all Postings? (-editidx?) 
That requires too much resources. Is there another way?


The way to fix it in code is summarized in Bug #372.

And a second question. Currently the Link "Author" points to the first 
author-index-page (every time), instead of the correct page - like the 
date or thread index. The relevant part of the .mrc-File:
(How) can I correct this, so that I get a link to the correct 
author-indexpage (like the links to the thread or date indizes)?

It is not supported.  The only correction is changing code, and
the work is probably non-trivial since MHonArc would have to
maintain positional data for indexes defined via OTHERINDEXES and
then provide resource variables to allow for proper linking.

You may want to look into using mharc instead,
<>.  By default, it utilizes the
underlying search engine to give archive readers the ability to see
posts for a given author.

Mharc also breaks up archives into periods.  This gets around
scalability problems of having a single MHonArc archive, and it
should avoid the need to use MUTLIPG.


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