Re: Can newsgroup articles file be processed by mhonarc?

2004-04-01 19:53:24
Darek Adamkiewicz wrote:
In my program I use Net::NNTP module to fetch messages form
particular newsgroup and append them to regular text file (it seems
to me that they are articles in source form) as I matter of fact I

$art = $nntp->article($msg_num);

if (defined($art)) {
foreach my $l (@$art) { print OUT $l; }
    print OUT "\n";


I attach example file. Can the file of that format be processed by
mhonarc the way mbox file is?

I suppose so. One thing you could try is adding a bogus message
separator to each message before appending them to the file:

    unshift @$art,
      "From username\(_at_)domain(_dot_)com Sat Jan  1 00:00:00 2000\n";

That's what I'm doing in the script when grabbing email
messages from a POP account using Net::POP3.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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