Re: Emendations to mhonarc.db

2004-07-13 05:49:46
I know one is not meant to edit the mhonarc.db file without due
care and caution. But if I were to (gasp!), and then ran MHonArc
to add in some more messages, what would be the outcome? Would
the date and thread HTML files be rebuilt with my revised
Subject lines and with the existing message numbers?

When I couldn't sleep last night, and in a carefree mood, I went
ahead and edited the mhonarc.db file directly (backing it up first, of
course!). I made sure I fiddled with just the lines in the Subject
section, and cleaned up all my threads.

I then had some new messages to add to the archive, and ran
mhonarc -add as normal.

Result? Everything worked! The mhonarc.db generated new date and
thread pages with everything as I wanted them. So it appears one
can edit the Subject lines in the mhonarc.db file, but with
extreme care.

Best wishes,


Iain Brown

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