Re: Mhonarc - qmail - ezmlm

2004-09-10 10:11:48
On September 10, 2004 at 10:29, "Normando Hall" wrote:

Hello. Is there anyway to customize mhonarc to look like this list? I
have runing  mhonarc with ezmlm. I read docs about mharc, but for my
system is too complicated for me.

If there is something not clear about installing mharc, you can post
questions to the mharc-users list.

If you want your archives to look like the archives, using
mharc is probably the easiest way to get there since the
archives use mharc.

Mharc functions by being independent from the mailing list management
software.  Therefore, it does not matter if you use ezmlm, majordomo,
or some other list software.  Full installation instructions for
mharc is located at <>.

If you just want to use MHonArc directly and what a visual style
similiar to what mharc provides, you can utilize the resource files
provided in mharc as a starting point to customizing the appearence
of your archives.

If you plan on invoking mhonarc directly on ezmlm archives, see


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