Forward messages from mush

2004-10-01 18:15:09

some of my coworkers are using mush as email client.

The problem is that if they want to send an email message
to the archives they forward it (Ctrl-F) to the archive and the
message goes straight into the .catch folder.

I looked at the header and the way mush works is to add
Resent-To: line and keep the rest of the header (even the
whole message) untouched. Now it makes sence why it
goes into the .catch folder.

Then I manually edited procmailrc.mharc file and added Resent-To
i.e. I changed 
(Delivered-To:|List-Post:) to 

Surprisingly (for me) the log file showed that the messages are now
going in msgid.cache file.

In other words it didn't work.

Any idea how can I setup mhonarch to check Resent-To line
in the header?

Thank you

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