Re: regex modifying $FROM$

2004-10-22 21:21:31
On October 22, 2004 at 10:56, Steve wrote:

I'm using mhonarc to archive a listserv, and I'd like to provide a small 
amount of search functionality by subject/author name/date.  To do this, 
I've made a resource file that basically creates a mysql script with 
message file name, date, author "name", author email, and subject, which 
I can then access via a LAMP setup.  However, I'm having problems with 
the author name portion.  Some people have single quotes in their email 
client settings, which of course breaks the mysql "insert into..." command.

An alternative is to have the resource file create a file which
is then read to generate the mysql script.  I.e.  Why create the
mysql script directly?  Create a file that is read by a script that
invokes/creates the proper mysql calls.  This way, you have complete
control over how the data is escaped or pre-processed before put
into mysql.


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