Re: A newbie's question

2004-11-11 16:35:53
On November 11, 2004 at 17:13, DewGuy1999 wrote:

If I take the mailbox file and use "Tex-Edit Plus" to change the 
carriage returns to linefeeds and then save it when I run it through 
MHonArc I don't get any warning message and end up with the proper 
number of converted messages.
Is it possible to have MHonArc deal with this without my having to 
change the carriage returns to linefeeds beforehand?

You can create a pre-filter script to translate CRs to LFs.  For
example, if you can run a unix (e.g. bash) shell, something like
the following will work:

  tr '\r' '\n' < mailbox | mhonarc -- -

Change "mailbox" to the name of your Eudora mailbox file.  If you have
options you need to pass to mhonarc, put them between "mhonarc" and
the "--".  See <>
for more information.


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