Re: mhastart via cron?

2004-12-28 20:03:25
list1 wrote:
My hosting company will not allow me shell access. Accordingly I have
installed mhonarc using the script. Using the "Other
MHonArc command" dialogue box I have created the archive, customised
the output and MHonArc recognises my resource file.

However, I am at a loss to know how I can automate this process via

It's not the creation of the archive you want to automate, is it?

I know how to call the script, but how do I get the script to run my
command line? Presumably I need to hack the script; I have spent a
long time looking through it, but as a complete hacker, I am unsure
as to where to edit the script.

I don't think there is any need to modify the script. Assuming you have
a POP account, set the config variables accordingly and just call the
script without arguments. The script will then check the POP account,
update the mbox file if it finds new messages, and update the archive.

Incidentally, mhastart does not recognise my resource file if it is
not invoked through the command line; I am unclear whether this is
what is intended or not.

That's intentional, since the resource settings should be saved in the
.mhonarc database. If you *change* something in the resource file, you
may need to use the "Other MHonArc command" to update the database and
the archive with the new settings, but as long as you only are updating
the archive with new messages, there should be no need to call the
resource file.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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