Re: mhonarc -scan producing unwanted output for iso-8859-1 special characters

2005-02-11 12:25:24
On February 10, 2005 at 21:05, Michael de Beer wrote:

However, when I do
  shell> mhonarc -quiet -nolock -reverse -scan -outdir www/2005/02

It produces subject lines like

That is not what I want -- I want it to produce the subject like the
mhonarc output pages.  Is there a
 -  switch in mhonarc or 
 -  a patch to mhonarc or 
 -  a conversion utility or 
 -  a perl library function
that will produce/convert the text into what I want?

-scan is for terminal-based examination of archive contents.  It
does not invoke CHARSETCONVERTERS since CHARSETCONVERTERS is designed
for conversion to HTML, not plain text.

Will you provide more information on how you utilize -scan output?
It may help in determining what the best solution to your problem is.

BTW, if iso-8859-1 is the default encoding for the messages you
archive, you may want to look at the DECODEHEADS resource.  You could
instruct mhonarc to decode the non-ASCII encoded text before storing
the data in the archive.  Therefore, when doing -scan, the non-encoded
form the text will be shown.